requently asked questions

Q1.Is it possible to apply with an activity carried out in the past, or with an entry already presented last year?

There are no problems in applying with an activity carried out in the past or with a work already produced.

Q2.Is it possible to apply with several videos?

One person can submit multiple applications. We are looking forward to receiving a lot of entries.

Q3.Can the application conditions be satisfied by reusing an old cosplay costume?

Yes. Application conditions are satisfied.
The reuse of an old cosplay costume precisely fits the philosophy of reduction, reuse and recycling of waste! Please submit your entries.

Q4.Can the expression “marine litter” be used to attract visitors in order to produce an entry?

There is no problem in using the expression "marine litter".

Q5.Is there something important to take into account when using music (original songs or compositions) in the video?

It is the responsibility of the poster to obtain the required permission from the holders of the rights of lyrics, music and audio sources, unless the poster is the owner of those rights, or the music in "Example of post of performance video" at the top of the special site is used. According to copyright laws, there are cases in which use without obtaining permission is exceptionally allowed, but it is the responsibility of the poster to determine whether the intended use corresponds to such a case.

Q6.How are results going to be notified?

The winners will be contacted through the direct message function of Instagram or Twitter, and therefore we request all participants to follow the official accounts. After receiving the notification of winning one of the prizes, please contact with us following the specified method in order to provide the required information, such as your contact address or the shipping address for the prizes, before the designated deadline. Please take into account that you will lose the right to receive your prize in case that you do not reply within seven days after being notified.
*Please activate the “Push Notifications” setting in the Instagram or Twitter application in your device.
*Please note that posts published with privacy settings enabled are not eligible for participation.
*Please be acknowledged that we are not going to provide results for submissions that are not among the winning entries.

Q7.I have posted my submission, but it does not appear on the site.

It may take several days for entries to be published on the special site of the award. Also, entries posted through IGTV are not published on the site. Please acknowledge that entries cannot be accepted in case that they are found to breach any of the terms and conditions.

Q8.I have submitted one video. Can I apply with another video?

One person can apply multiple times.

Q9.Are videos taken with a smartphone also eligible for judging?

They are. Please apply with them.

Q10.Is it possible to apply from outside Japan?

It is possible. We are waiting for applications from all over the world.

Q11.Please let us know the judging criteria.

It is not based on the number of reproductions or the quantity of likes. In addition to “Reproducibility”, “Expressiveness”, “Influence” and “Awareness”, we would like you to take the following points into consideration.
※How entertaining it is for the viewers to watch your videos thanks to their concept or their technical quality.
※How your entries cause an impact and leave an impression on the viewers.
※How you achieve to transmit your passion to find a solution to the problem of marine litter.

Q12. Do we need to make a costume out of trash like paper , plastic etc and record the video?

No you don’t need to.

Q13. Can we cosplay as non-japan-series characters such as Disney?

Yes you can choose any character or original one.

Q14. Can we use CG or effects to edit the video recorded?

Yes you can use them.

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